Vengeance Producer Suite – Avenger – PSY Expansion


Here it comes: new stuff for all you Trance Lovers out there! Sound designer “Junebug” delivers with his first expansion: “PSY” a massive amount of 268 Psy-Trance presets!

Vengeance Producer Suite – Avenger – PSY Expansion

Vengeance Producer Suite – Avenger – PSY Expansion

Consisting of spikey basslines, beautiful Arps, cutting leads, epic pads, evolving effects and tight drums.
Furthermore enjoy 100 new Arpeggiator patterns in your ARP library as well as 97 new multisamples, 16 drumkits incl. sequences and 218 new oscillator models (shapes). This pack is both: gigantic in size and sound quality!


268 Avenger Presets
16 new drumkits and seqs
100 new ARP patterns
97 new multisamples
218 new osc-shapes
13 new wavetables
Go to your folder named “expansions”, should be in Vengeance Producer Suite Avenger folder (look it up in your computer search bar), and put your expansions folders in that folder (expansions). The expansions folders are the ones that end with .avxp by the way.
Then close your daw, reopen it, and the plugin too, and the expansions should be there.

Or copy [.avxp] to [C:\ProgramData\Vengeance\VPS Avenger\expansions]




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