Synapse Audio Dune v2.5 Bundle Full – AoN


VSTi Dune was developed by Synapse Audio, with its interesting features, VSTi Dune is definitely what you need to create your own music.




User-Selected DLL file (x86/x64)
Soundbank Collection (43 Banks/4396 FXP)
Wavetable Collection (350 WT Files)
Arp MIDI Collection (10 Pattern Banks)
Skin Collection (33 Skins)
Manual (English).pdf


AoN Champagne (Army of Ninjas)
AoN Grass (Army of Ninjas)
AoN Mariner (Army of Ninjas)
AoN Mint (Army of Ninjas)
AoN Regal (Army of Ninjas)
AoN Stone (Army of Ninjas)
Default (Synapse Audio)
Default Cyan (Synapse Audio)
Default DarkGray (Synapse Audio)
Default Gray (Synapse Audio)
Default Green (Synapse Audio)
Default Mint (Synapse Audio)
Default Orange (Synapse Audio)
Default Red (Synapse Audio)
Default Violet (Synapse Audio)
Electric Green (Teksonik)
Gothic Gold Dark (SatYatunes)
Gothic Gold Light (SatYatunes)
Grey (Kriminal)
Harbor Blue (SatYatunes)
Haze (Hoverland)
Invincible Plate (Hoverland)
Kriminal (Kriminal)
Magnitude (SatYatunes)
Metal Plate(Hoverland)
Nocturn (Carriers)
Nord (Kriminal)
Plate (Hoverland)
Polar (Carriers)
Roland (Kriminal)
Roland Lite (Kriminal)
Sandflower (Flavours of Lime)
So Blue (DThree Audio)


Aiyn Zahev Sounds Spice Vol 1
Aiyn Zahev Sounds Spice Vol 2
Ambient Sounds Part A
Ambient Sounds Part B
AoN EDM Essentials Vol 1
AoN EDM Essentials Vol 2
Beatlab Audio Essentials
Bjulin Waves Magnitude
Brandon Clark Starmap
CHE Transmission
Cinebient Experiments
Cuebrick Soundbank
Demo Patches
Detail Red Press Horsepower
DThree Audio Elemental
Electronisounds Artisan EDM
Electronisounds Event Horizon
Electronisounds Filthy Basses
Electronisounds Renegade Basses
Factory Soundbank
Freshly Squeezed Samples Essential Collection Vol 1
Freshly Squeezed Samples Essential Collection Vol 2
Freshly Squeezed Samples Essential Collection Vol 3
Homegrown Sounds Dissolution
Homegrown Sounds Paradox
Industrial Strength Records Hardstyle Essentials
Joel Bisson Synthetic Illusion
Kriminal Sequences & Trance Gates
Monomo Soundbank
MyLoops Uplifting Trance Vol 2
Revenge Sounds Hip Hop 20XX
Revenge Sounds New Generation Acid
Rob Lee Essentials Vol 1
Rob Lee Essentials Vol 2
Single Presets Collection
Soundtrack Loops Renegade EDM
Synapse Audio Premium EDM
Terminal Man Sound Dunes
Terminal Man Weirding Waves
Trance Techno Soundbanks Goa Full On & Progressive
Vandalism Shocking Progressive House
Yemski Inner Space
YY Mini Soundbank


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