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VSTi ANA was developed by Sonic Academy, with its interesting features, VSTi ANA is definitely what you need to create your own music.

Sonic Academy - ANA

Sonic Academy – ANA


ANA comes with 3 OSC types.. Analog, Advanced Noise and Attack containing 133 waveform shapes
These Include fundamental analog, modern digital, sampled string and voice waveforms, giving a huge breadth of sound sources to create a wide range of sounds.

Containing 23 Filter Types – including standard 2 / 4 Pole filters for Low, Band & High Pass filtering, along with our amazing sounding Vintage Multimode Filters.
Also included are 4 Formant Filters that replicate the human vocal tract, great for creating WOAW & AAYYYYE Dubstep Sounds

ANAs Filter and Amp Envelopes are uniquely tuned to give as much fine control as possible over the important areas of your sound.
All ENVs have 3 unique curves giving you huge flexibility in creating super tight plucks to beefy basses.
The Graphical Envelope or G-ENV enables you to draw in your own curves to modulate a vast range of parameters.

Chord Hold & FX
Use the Chord Hold feature to memorize your chord by simply pressing the keys you want to store in memory. Then all you have to do is press a single key to hear the chord playback.
ANA also has a wide range of FX to add to your sound, including Phase, Distortion, Compression, Delay, Chorus and our high quality Reverb.


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